Video: Turn Key? Really?

Hi Doctor,

Here’s a really quick video of my lead assistant Darla Dodson. Darla has been with me for over eight years and she has over twenty-three years of dental experience. She runs every aspect of my dental assisting school for me. She fields phone calls, takes care of email correspondence, handles the two small ads we place, and teaches the chair side and lab portions of the course. She has become a bit of a local celebrity in dental circles because we have so many of our graduates working at dental offices in our area. She loves teaching and she great at it!

In this 20 second video, Darla is about to press play on the DVD player where my portion of the teaching takes place. (I’m actually at home and Darla and the video do all of the work!)

To watch the video click here

All the Best,

Mark Costes, DDS

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  1. I am very happy to find this information and how it can help my business. Thanks for sharing how to get my business to be turn key.

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