Dental Assistant Salary and Your Own School

Is Starting a Dental Assisting School Too Good to Be True? Is the Dental Assistant Salary as good for graduates as the statistics say? I know you might doubt whether it is too good to be true. I honestly get it. I completely understand. Because I have also been there.

Dental Assistant SalaryI have spoken with literally hundreds of dentists from all across the USA ever since I developed and started and selling my own curriculum for dental assisting schools some years ago.  Some of these dentists that I spoke with told me straight that, “This just sounds too good to be true!” while a lot of them rather approached my initial idea with a hint of skepticism.

But let us remove all the emotion from  the equation here and focus only on the facts:

  1. Dentists do earn more income on average compared to many other professions; however, their income instantly stops the moment they step away from the dental chair.
  2. When a dentist’s office is closed, his/her facility sits there empty generating zero amount of excess income. You will not earn additional income each time your office is closed.
  3. The dropping values of people’s home values and retirement accounts gives most dentists no other choice but to practice longer than they originally intended for more funds.
  4. The country’s current economic condition has required more families to seek for secondary sources of income; thus, many people now are seeking training in dental industries including dental assisting. The dental assistant salary is great and the career further offers favorable hours and myriads of benefits.
  5. Over the past 3 years, enrollment in technical/ trade schools (non-traditional education programs such as Dental Assisting) has risen quite progressively. The Dental Assistant Salary is one of the best opportunities for those without college degrees.
  6. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment trend for Dental Assisting is predicted to grow even faster averagely than all other occupations all through the year 2020 and beyond. Dental Assisting is also currently the 3rd fastest growing occupation in the United States that doesn’t require college degree.
  7. Dentists (you) and the entire dental staff (your dental hygienists as well as dental assistants) are qualified and allowed to teach people to become dental assistants.
  8. Most other kinds of “sideline businesses” for dentists require huge cash and time investments which most people do not have.
  9. It takes only 4 students to recruit as dental assistants to get a 100 percent recovery of your entire investment in this dental assisting school business.

So there you go: The facts. No need for sales pitch nor any emotional anecdotes to convince you that this business IS good and not too good to be true. Dental Assistant School profits are a great opportunity for your dentist practice.

All the best,
Mark Costes, DDS

P.S. Feel free to contact us now to answer your questions regarding the dental assisting curriculum we are currently offering.

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  1. This is a great chance for anyone who is a dentist to make extra money in thier office durring off hours. Thanks for sharing

  2. I like the idea of having my own school that is being taught right out of my office. What a great way to use my office during its down time. 🙂

  3. Thanks for helping me figure out if I can use this program in my office to build an income. This school sounds great and I can’t wait to has success. 🙂

  4. This is great. I am thankful that you gave the comparison to college and junior college programs. I have requested my territory.

  5. Its great that you are offering this dental school information. Its a great way to bring extra income by using your office in after hours. 🙂

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