New Video – Must Watch !

Hey Doc,

I’m excited to announce another great session started last week at my school here in Chino Valley.

12 eager new students!

This session has been a bit different for me.

Since Bryce, my eight year old son is playing Minors this year, I’m coaching his baseball team. The only problem is, our games and practices are the same days and times that we hold our dental assisting school classes.

So, even though I usually teach about 45 minutes per week, this session I’m leaving 100% of the teaching duties to two of my chair side assistants.

Can you imagine being able to do ANYTHING in the world that you wanted to do while generating a passive six-figure income?

Totally possible. You deserve to give yourself this gift.

Mark Costes, DDS

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Fwd: VIDEO Would an Assisting School work in my town?

Hey Doc,

One of the most common questions I get asked about owning a Dental Assisting School is: I live in a (big or small) city. Do you think this business will work in my community? The answer is, this business will work in any city, big or small. My Dental Assisting School in Chino Valley, AZ. Chino Valley is a rural community of about 11,000 people. We have one high school, one grocery store and four feed stores! The population of livestock is literally larger than the population of people in this town! From this tiny town, my school consistently gets 9-13 students every three months. At $2,674 per student and 18% overhead, well, you can do the math!

Check out this quick video of my town and facility:

All the Best,

Mark Costes, DDS

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New Video: The Guts of Your New DA School

Hey Doc,

In this video, you’ll see exactly what’s inside the box you’ll receive when you order our Dental Assisting School curriculum.  (Click Below to Watch)

Everything you need to get your school up and running quickly is included in our program.

If you choose to, you’ll literally be able to hand this box to your assistant and walk away. Or, if you’re like me and enjoy teaching, you can teach a little bit each week.

Over fifty other dentists from all over the country have chosen our company to help them to generate a huge secondary stream of income AWAY from the dental chair. We hope you’ll join us too!

Your Time is NOW!

Mark Costes, DDS

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The $100K Formula

Hey Doc,

In all of the years that I’ve been offering the in-office dental assisting school opportunity to dentists, the most common question that I get is:

“Once I buy your system, how do I get students?”

The answer is simple and elegant but difficult if not impossible to explain in a just a few words…

What I can tell you is that it is a proven and predictable SYSTEM.

In order to fully appreciate the process, its first necessary to explain the difference between “Image Advertising” and “Direct Response Marketing”.

A company’s goal when using image advertising is to expose the consumer to their brand and name with enough repetition that the brand comes to mind when the product or service is needed.

The biggest drawback to using this approach is that it takes a Pepsi Cola sized budget to make it effective. This approach absolutely will not work for a small business and this is the reason why so many small business owners are literally throwing their money away on poorly designed marketing attempts.

Our schools use direct response marketing. Its goal is not to create some slick Madison Avenue image or some clever jingle or tag line. The purpose is to get a response.

There are 4 things that make direct response much different from image advertising:

1. It is Measureable- This is critically important in order to know exactly which ads are effective and making you money versus the ineffective ads that are costing you money without an acceptable return.  The savvy marketer will take this information and adjust accordingly.

2. It must have an Offer- This will give the prospects a specific offer that will compel them to leave their contact information in order to receive a free gift or the information that they desire.

3. It must have a Call to Action- This will give the prospect specific instructions on what to do next, in our case, enter their name, address, phone number and email address into our website form or call and leave their contact information on our toll free hotline.

4. It must be Benefit oriented- these types of ads focus on the benefits to the consumer, not the features of the product.


So, the first step in our marketing funnel is LEAD GENERATION. It’s important to remember that the purpose of lead generation isn’t necessarily to make a sale. What is more important is to get them to raise their hand and say,”YES, I MAY be interested dental assisting as a career and I MAY be interested in attending your school.”

Our lead generation methods include direct mail, print ads, radio, press releases, Google ads, and Facebook ads. These ads send the prospects to a toll free number and website which will capture all of their information. Once their information is captured they enter our automatic marketing process. All of these marketing pieces are done for you and need nothing more than to be customized with you school name and contact information.

After the prospect’s information is gathered, they are placed into an automated follow up sequence including emails, follow up letters and post cards.

The prospects are then delivered carefully crafted marketing messages that identify the pain of their current situation (having a dead end job or no job at all), agitate that pain (reminding them that their situation will not change unless they take action), and finally offering a solution to their problem (enrolling in your school to get the training they need to liberate themselves from their current situation.)

And that’s it. Not rocket science, but rather following up and giving them the whole story while overcoming all of their possible objections until they are finally ready to enroll.

I hope this gives you a better idea of the simplicity and effectiveness of our student attraction system.

All the Best,
Mark Costes, DDS

P.S. If you’d like to schedule a no obligation strategy call with me, simply email with your address and we will research whether your territory is still available. Or you can call Siony (pronounced Shawnee) 928-830-4557 to schedule a call.

One of the proudest days of my life

Hey Doc,

I know this subject line sounds kind of self-serving but please bear with me. I wanted to tell you briefly about my parents.

For those of you who don’t know this about me, I am a first generation American. In fact, I was the first person in my family to be born in the United States. My dad is a retired electrical engineer, an MBA, and my hero. He has a familiar story. His is a story that so many proud immigrants share. My parents are the type of immigrants who have made this the great country that it is.

In the early 70’s my dad left his entire family, including my mom and my sister in the Philippines and got on a plane for the United States with a borrowed $125 and a suitcase. He was going to build a better life for his family and he wasn’t going to let anything stop him.

He lived in a small room with distant relatives until he found a job.  Once he had saved up enough money, he sent for my mom and my then nine-month-old sister. My parents both sacrificed more than I could ever imagine, saving for their first modest house in upstate New York.

My father’s job with IBM took us from New York to Colorado to Arizona to California. It was a great childhood. The values of hard work, honesty and family above anything else, molded me into the person that I am today.

When my father and mother finally reached retirement age, they were looking at the prospect of downsizing into a smaller house in order to be able to pay their expenses on a tiny pension and social security. It just didn’t seem right that they’d have to move in to a cramped house that couldn’t even accommodate my mom’s piano.

My parents had struggled, sacrificed and gave me , and my sister everything I ever needed as I was growing up. I was not going to watch them squish into a tiny house during their golden years.

So, last year, I was able to buy them their house. That’s right, I bought my parents house- and they now live without a mortgage or the stress of outliving their money. It was the single proudest day of my life.

My second stream of consistent income from my dental assisting school helped to make this possible. What could you do with an extra six figures per year?

All the Best,
Mark Costes, DDS

She’s Crushing It !

Hey Doc,

There is something so incredibly satisfying for me when one of my schools reports back with a huge success story.

Check out what Tina Blomstrom from Dr. Michael’s office in Oconomowoc, WI reported to me yesterday…

To Whom it may concern:

I am now in my sixth week of teaching the Horizon School of Dental Assisting curriculum developed by Dr. Mark Costes. The program is rock solid, and practically teaches itself.  We were approved December 8, 2011 and started classes on January 7, 2012 with a full class of 12 students. Once we had our school application approved, we were able to begin advertising and marketing our school’s program. Even with only barely a month before we started, and competing with Christmas and New Years, we still opened our doors with a full class of 12 students. I even had to turn 3 people away, as we were full. There is a real niche for this program.

It was a somewhat challenging procedure to get through our Wisconsin State Educational Approval Board’s review process to approve our school application, but Dr. Costes office provided excellent guidance to help us navigate through all the red tape and get the application filled out. It takes some time to get it done, but it is worth the effort.

Dr. Costes has provided DVD’s of himself teaching each lecture. I’ve picked up some really good information to provide as added knowledge during the lectures.  The Student Lecture Notes he has developed as part of the course are fabulous, they mirror the Instructor’s notes in an interractive format. The students must really listen and pay attention to the lecture to fill in the key points. The Power Point has those same key points listed so the students get the correct spelling and are able to keep up.  I think the students are much more attentive during lecture and learn faster this way.

All of the exams and quizzes for each lecture and lab have already been prepared and written up for you, including the answer keys to all the tests. A syllabus and class schedule are also provided with details on each lecture and lab. There is also a Final Exam already prepared. There are attendance sheets and excell spread sheets to keep track of all the exam/test/quiz grades already developed as well.

We have been able to bring new revenue into our office on days and times the office was previously closed. I was a Dental Hygienist for 27 years, but after neck surgery, was no longer able to perform clinical dental hygiene duties. I really missed dentistry, and this has given me an opportunity to share my knowledge and stay in the profession. With help from the other hygienists and assistants in our office, we are moving easily through the program and having a lot of fun teaching the fundamentals of dentistry to our 12 enthusiastic students.

Best regards,
Tina M. Blomstrom, RDH
Director/Lead Instructor
Wisconsin Dental Assistant School
Oconomowoc, WI

Tina’s school is charging $2,795 per student for tuition. At 12 students, that equals $34,398.25 in revenue for their very first session.

Assuming 25% overhead or $8,599.56, total profit for this session is $25,798.68.

Three more sessions like this and this school will eclipse the $100,000 NET mark its very first year.

These are not hypothetical or theoretical numbers. This is a real life school run out of a dental office, just like yours, owned by a dentist with credentials just like yours.


There are no hidden agendas or tricks here- just a reliable and predictable way for any dentist to make a solid secondary flow of income without doing more dentistry!


P.S. If you’d like to schedule a conference call with me or my curriculum coordinator Siony, simply email or call 928-830-4557.

It doesn’t have to be so hard!

Hey Doc,

Several years ago, I had just lost over $20,000 investing in a car wash with a partner. I had built several successful dental practices and was feeling pretty invincible. I was starting to believe that business was easy, and that I was great at it!

So what do you do when you discover you’re great at building and selling dental practices? Buy a carwash, naturally! Being in the carwash business was a very valuable and very expensive lesson. Babysitting minimum wage employees is not the most fun or rewarding experience. Internal theft was a crippling problem and in a struggling economy, a garden hose and a sponge is a much cheaper alternative to an $18 carwash.

So after losing big in the carwash game, I was chatting with my business coach about which new business I could invest in. Fast food? Carpet cleaning franchise? Airport shuttles?  Real estate development? That’s when he gave me some of the best advise I have ever been given.

“Always pick the lowest hanging fruit first.”

What he was trying to tell me was that departing from my area of strength had gotten me into trouble and probably would again. So I changed my focus and started looking for businesses that complimented my existing skill set. That’s when I stumbled across the dental assisting school idea, and my life was changed forever.

Without any outside help and ZERO clue as to what I was doing, my dental assisting school profited over $100,000 in its first year. For over four years now, I’ve refined the curriculum and developed predictable and consistent systems for attracting new students and filling classes.

For dentists, owning a dental assisting school is a very low hanging fruit. You don’t need a new location. You don’t need new employees. You don’t need to invest $300,000-$1.5 million in a fast food franchise that will make all of its customers less healthy, and you an overworked stressed out mess!

This is an opportunity to have a legitimate, solid second business that could generate a six figure side income with very little investment in time or money.

Its time to get off the fence and contact me. I’ll answer any questions you may have about this business. Look forward to hearing from you!

All the Best,
Mark Costes

P.S. My personal email is Email me to set up a no obligation strategy call.

P.P.S.  For information regarding curriculum financing please contact Jeremy Roush at (310) 636-1133, ext. 102, direct line (424) 625-8202 or email:


Blood, Spit and Pus!

Hey Doc,

Yesterday I had one of those days that only a fellow dentist could appreciate.

I had a maxillary edentulation (fourteen teeth) with an immediate denture placement scheduled for 6:30AM.

I got the patient numb and began extracting at tooth number two. Since the teeth were so broken down, I laid a flap from tooth number 4 through tooth number 7. Just as I reflected the tissue, to expose the alveolar bone, the power went out!  ( I found out later that somebody had experienced a seizure and crashed into a telephone pole taking out the power for a five block radius.)

I sat there with pressure on the area hoping that the lights would come back on so I could finish what I had started.  What a mess! After twenty minutes with no light or suction, I decided to suture the patient up with only two of the fourteen teeth removed.

Imagine trying to suture up a large flap with no power, just my assistant using one hand to hold a flashlight and one hand helping to retract the patient’s cheek and lip!

After placing about three sutures the lights turned back on. I removed the three sutures that I had just placed and restarted the procedure. As I was removing alveolar bone with my surgical handpiece, the lights went out again. At this point there were five teeth out, a long flap and no suction. We burned through a whole sleeve of 2X2’s trying to control the bleeding.

Finally, the lights turned back on again and I was able to complete the procedure, total time- two and a half hours when he was scheduled for an hour and a half.

When the procedure was over, I was covered in blood, spit and pus. The waiting room was crammed with irritated people because at this point, I was running about an hour late. What a glorious morning!

We all know that dentistry is a tough profession. For a lot of practitioners, it’s a lot tougher than they ever imagined it would be. Dealing with staff and patient expectations; needing to be technically excellent and fast enough to cover the overhead; trying to be everything for everybody- it’s an unbelievably stressful way to live!

There is no business out there that will save us dentists from the occasional nightmare day like I experienced yesterday.  There is also no amount of money that can remove all of the stress from your working life…

But owning a dental assisting school can take so much of the pressure that we, as dentists, feel every day.

Maybe the extra income will allow you to work more reasonable hours-doing procedures you actually like to do.

Maybe you could finally go on that family vacation that you’ve been putting off for years.

Maybe you could hire an associate to share some of the patient load.

Maybe you’ll finally be able to put your mind at ease about how you’ll be able to afford retirement.

Regardless about what makes you so stressed about your life as a dentist- an extra, passive source of income can help to get that stress down to a manageable level.

All the Best,

P.S. Give Siony a call at 928-830-4557 or simply email if you have any questions or want to set up a conference call with me!

$183,000 – Are You Average? (This is a MUST Read)

Hey Doc,

According to a recent article in DentalTown magazine, the average general dentist makes $183,000 per year.

Here’s a daily breakdown assuming that the average dentist works four days per week, eight hours per day and takes two weeks of vacation per year:

Work Days: 200
Total Hours of Work: 1600
Average Production per day : $3050.00
Average Daily Pay: $ 915.00 (Assuming 30% production)
Average hourly pay: $114.37

So, if you are that “average “dentist, congratulations, $183,000 ain’t too shabby!

BUT…  following this same formula, it takes the average general dentist  109.28 days to earn $100,000. That’s 874.3 hours of doing dentisty!

If you’re not sitting at the dental chair producing, producing, producing… then no money comes in.

If you’re running an in-office dental assisting school, it is possible to create a secondary income stream of $100,000+ without doing any additional dental procedures.

My personal time commitment for my dental assisting school is less than one hour per week. If you total that up, it’s about a 50 hour per year time commitment. At $100,000, it breaks down to over $2000 per hour! (Remember, I only spend one hour per week on the school because I enjoy teaching and getting to know the students. It is completely possible to have your assistants run the entire thing without your presence at all. Also remember that my school has netted over $100K per year for five years in a town of 11,000.)

After years of speaking to hundreds of dentists all over the country, most fall into one of two categories:

  1. Contented. These dentists love their career and what they do every day. Their dental income is more than enough to support their lifestyle and personal overhead. The dental assisting school concept appeals to them because they want to accelerate their retirement savings, college funds for their kids, and to help their families and community.
  2. Disgruntled. These dentists are completely overwhelmed and burnt out. They are working long, hard, grinding days and are starting to feel disenchanted with their career choice. They are stuck in the “dollars- for- hours cycle,” feel trapped by their personal and practice debt but have no idea how to break free from their situation.  For these dentists, a dental assisting school will give them a way to generate income that is not directly tied to producing dentistry. It will allow them to spend more time doing things they enjoy doing and to take more time off. This can be accomplished while spending more time away from the practice! These types of dentists often rediscover their love and passion for dentistry once a bit of the pressure is removed.

Whether you belong to category #1, category #2, or are a combination of the two, a dental assisting school can help you to reach your ultimate goals; freedom, extra income, long term financial security and peace of mind.

All the Best,
Mark Costes, DDS

P.S. If you’d like to find out if your territory is still available or have any questions about our curriculum, please call Siony (pronounced Shawnee) at 928-830-4557 or email.  Siony can also set up a conference call with me if you’d like.

How we beat Barnes and Noble, Wendy’s, Sonic, Baskin Robbins, and Outback

Hey Doc,

The current economy has been unbelievably tough on many small business owners.  In my small community alone, Barnes and Noble, Sonic, Wendy’s, Baskin Robbins, Outback Steakhouse, Maui Wowi,  Samurai Sams,  Quiznos, K-Mart, and too many mom and pop shops in every category to list, have recently gone out of business.

The economy has changed forever, and the businesses that aren’t adapting quickly enough are shuttering at record levels.

But even amongst all of this doom and gloom there are some savvy business owners who are experiencing unprecedented profits and growth.

Despite the fact that so many businesses are struggling and closing, my dental assisting school has managed to consistently provide me with a passive six-figure net income for the last five years.

So, what makes this business so different from all of the failing businesses out there? 

  1. Low start up costs. The start up costs for all of the failed businesses listed above range from $150,000 to several million dollars. They all require expensive build outs, long term leases, and costly equipment and inventory. In contrast, your dental assisting school is held within your own office so it doesn’t require and additional facility. The startup costs are so minimal that you can literally recover your entire investment in a few months, versus several years.
  2. Marketing. The franchises listed above pay expensive ad agencies millions of dollars to craft their marketing campaigns. Traditional “image advertising” focuses more on creating a buzz or brand than on selling a product. This can be very costly and makes it virtually impossible to track which promotions are bringing in the sales. Your dental assisting school will utilize direct response marketing. With direct response marketing, your main goal of a marketing piece is not necessarily to make the immediate sale. Rather, the goal is to gather the prospect’s contact information. Having the prospect’s information allows you to market to them over and over again until they decide to become a student.  This type of marketing also allows you to build a relationship with the prospect and gain their trust.  Focusing your marketing efforts and budget on a group of people who like you, and have already expressed interest in your school, greatly increases conversion. Print ads, radio ads, website, email follow up campaign, direct mail, postcards etc., are all written for you and included with the program. Every marketing piece that I personally use to pack students into my own school is provided to you.
  3. Competitive Advantage. The national “institutes” typically teach their dental assisting courses over a period of 12-15 months and charge their students $15,000-$19,000. Our curriculum is taught over the course of just thirteen weeks with a tuition cost of $2,500-$3,900. Because your overhead will be low (usually less than 20%), this price point will be attractive to students and very profitable for you.
  4. You’re an Industry Expert. I’m willing to bet that you know more about dentistry and dental assisting than you do about retail sales, smoothies, fast food or ice cream. I’ve shared with all of you in past emails and on my blog, the many business failures that I’ve experienced. Car wash, real estate, stock market – all outside of my area of expertise. It wasn’t until I decided to focus on my areas of strength, starting up dental offices and running a dental assisting school, that I experienced huge success. This is a business that can leverage the knowledge and credentials of you and your team.

Operating a dental assisting school is a truly viable way to increase your revenue without the huge risk and financial investment required for other business ventures. Create a solid revenue stream in your own space, with your own staff, in your area of expertise.

All the Best,
Mark Costes, DDS

P.S. If you’d like to schedule a conference call with me, feel free to email or call my curriculum coordinator Siony (pronounced Shawnee) at 928-830-4557.