Dentist – You’re in the top 2.94%!

As a dentist, did you know that you are a member of the educational elite? It’s true, having your DDS or DMD puts you in the top 2.94% of all educated people in the United States. Your education is more advanced than 97% of the American population! So here’s the question I must pose to you:

Are you fully leveraging your credentials?

Your degree is one of your most valuable assets. You worked hard for those three letters after your name. Every day, every patient expects perfection, precision, and efficiency. Oh yeah, it better be painless too!

The traditional dentist only sees the bottom line improve when volume and production goes up. That means more patients, more procedures and more liability. Even though most dentists make a good living, it’s still trading hours for dollars.

dentistOwning your own in office dental assisting school allows you to increase revenue IN your office without doing any more dentistry. By actually leveraging your credentials as an expert in the field of dentistry, you can create a thriving secondary business without all of the responsibility that comes with performing more dental procedures.


Its time you broke the cycle of working harder and harder to put more money in the bank, to be able to afford the finer things in life, or to help others.

All the Best,
Mark Costes, DDS

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The Student Attraction Formula

Dear Doctor,

First off,  I’d like to say,” Welcome and Congratulations!” to the brand new Dental Assisting School owners who have recently joined our network… get ready for and exciting ride!

In this video, I’m going to walk you through the exact process that you can use to attract potential dental assisting students and convert them into paying students of your dental assisting school.

It’s important to remember that when you’re asking consumers to make a larger investment such as program tuition, the process of taking prospects from mildly interested to enthusiastic students almost always requires more than just one marketing message.

This system has helped my school, as well as schools all over the United States fill their practices with paying students consistently time after time.

It has been tested, tweaked, and improved and works in all different markets from small towns(mine has only 11,000 people) to huge metropolitan areas with millions of people.

To check your territory’s availability, please contact us at the email or phone below and someone from our office will contact you within twenty-four hours.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!
All the Best,

Mark Costes, DDS
Founder, Dental Success Institute
Founder, Horizon Schools of Dental Assisting
Author, Pillars of Dental Success

P.S. Because the number of new schools are limited they are sure to sell out. If you are interested, be sure to reserve your territory before it is taken. Feel free to email my assistant Ashlee at or call her at 888-275-9840 with any specific questions.

Autopsy of the DA School Curriculum

Dear Doctor,

In this video, I completely dissect our entire dental assisting school curriculum that has helped dentists from all across the country to create a solid passive flow of secondary income.

This curriculum does not require the school owner to write exams, research teaching topics or lesson plan.  With this program, all you have to do is follow our cookbook style checklists and instruction manuals and you’re on your way.

Your level of involvement is completely up to you. If you enjoy teaching like I do, you can choose to lecture once or twice per week. If you’d prefer to be more hands off, simply use my pre-recorded DVDs for the lectures and delegate the rest of the chairside instruction to your dental assistants.

This opportunity will allow you to leverage your most valuable assets: your facility, your staff and your credentials. Don’t delay, your area is sure to sellout…
All the Best,

Mark Costes, DDS
Founder, Dental Success Institute
Founder, Horizon Schools of Dental Assisting
Author, Pillars of Dental Success

P.S. The number of new schools available is limited. If you are interested, be sure to reserve your territory before it is taken. Feel free to email my assistant Ashlee at or call her at 888-275-9840 with any specific questions.

Scary Statistics for Dentists: This is a Must Read

Hey Doc,

There is a really interesting article that came out in October 2011 issue of DentalTown magazine.  Let me share some of these statistics with you… they affect all of us within the dental profession.

Total number of General Dentists (as of 2010):  150,043

Total number of Dental Specialists (as of 2010): 37,241

Total number of Dental Schools in the U.S.( as of 2010): 61

Total number of Dental School Applicants per year (as of 2008): 12,178

Total number of Dental School Graduates per year (as of 2008): 4,796

I have a close friend who is on the admissions committee of one of the dental schools here in Arizona. According to him, we should expect to see new dental schools opening in the states of California, Missouri, and Florida within the next couple of years.  So expect the total number of schools to go up to 64.

Let’s analyze these statistics for a moment. Each year almost 5,000 new dentists hit the streets looking for work. The retirement age for dentists has steadily been creeping up because so many have lost huge chunks of their retirement savings and equity in their homes over the past few years. Dentists attempting to sell their practices in order to use the proceeds to retire have found that lending restrictions have made it very difficult for buyers to get financed.

More dental schools, more applicants, more graduates, less retirees, it all adds up to each of us getting a little smaller slice of the pie.

It’s time to start thinking of ways to differentiate yourself from the other dentists within your area. It’s time to change your paradigm of income generation. It’s time to hedge against the impending flood of new dentists into your community.

Opening your own in office dental assisting school will give you the extra income that will allow you to step away from the chair more often while allowing you to dramatically increase cash flow and aggressively save for retirement.  You owe it to yourself to give this a second look.

Mark Costes, DDS


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Video: Turn Key? Really?

Hi Doctor,

Here’s a really quick video of my lead assistant Darla Dodson. Darla has been with me for over eight years and she has over twenty-three years of dental experience. She runs every aspect of my dental assisting school for me. She fields phone calls, takes care of email correspondence, handles the two small ads we place, and teaches the chair side and lab portions of the course. She has become a bit of a local celebrity in dental circles because we have so many of our graduates working at dental offices in our area. She loves teaching and she great at it!

In this 20 second video, Darla is about to press play on the DVD player where my portion of the teaching takes place. (I’m actually at home and Darla and the video do all of the work!)

To watch the video click here

All the Best,

Mark Costes, DDS

Put your Facility to work for you !

Hey Doc,

Last weekend, my wife and I attended a wedding in SunValley, Idaho. Wow, what a beautiful town!

As a serial entrepeneur, I’m always analysing businesses wherever I go. I’m constantly looking at how other businesses handle their marketing, how they treat their customers, how they make money and most of all, how they can improve.

The night before the wedding was a Friday night and all of the close friends and family were invited to the rehersal dinner.  We had an amazing time passing the mic around telling great stories of the soon to be married couple.

The venue was a small but very nice resturaunt called The Kneadery. This resturaunt is the go-to place for locals and tourists to get a great breakfast or light lunch. This log cabin has the feeling of an old ski lodge. The walls and ceilings are adorned with historical pictures, stuffed wild game and skiing paraphernalia.

As I sat at my table enjoying a great glass of pinot noir, I was struck by how well the event was run. The staff was terrific and the food was great. After speaking to one of them, I discovered that it was the same staff that serves food during the breakfast and lunch rushes.

Leslie and I with one of the regulars

The owner of this resturaunt has outstanding business practices in place. The operation is competantly run by an experienced staff with no need for the owner’s constant presence. The decision was made to focus on serving the best breakfast and lunch in town while leaving the fierce dinner competition to the other resturaunts in town.

Of course, in my opinion, the most elegant and ingenious  decision that this owner has made is to repurpose his facility and staff by operating a second banquet business while his resturaunt is closed. Sound familiar?

With any “brick and mortar “ business, one of the biggest  overhead expenses is the physical facility. Resturaunts and dental offices are no exception.  A dental assisting school is a very low risk venture because your current facility is already in place and needs no modification at all. This eliminates one of the biggest hurdles of starting any new venture.

Isn’t it time that you started thinking a little bit more like this restaurateur ?

All the Best,
Mark Costes, DDS

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$32,890.20 Net in Thirteen Weeks!

Hey Doc,

Thought you might like to see a picture and breakdown of my current dental assisting school class:

Number of Students: 15
Tuition per Student: $2,674
Total Gross Revenue (13 week session): $40,110
Overhead Expense: 18% ($7,219.80)

Total Net Income:  $32,890.20

Horizon School of Dental Assisting Fall 2011- Fifteen Students

Horizon School of Dental Assisting Fall 2011- Fifteen Students

This extra income was generated with zero extra dental procedures and less than a one hour time commitment per week from me.  If you’re finally ready to stop trading dollars for hours contact us immediately!

Mark Costes, DDS

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Re: I thought my career was over

Hey Doc,

It was almost three years ago and my wife and I had just brought or new baby boy, Brady, home from the hospital. As all of you parents out there know, bringing a new baby home is a time of elation, anxiety and exhaustion!

In the middle of the night on his third day at home my wife had just finished feeding him and laid him between us in bed.

I rolled over awkwardly to grab the baby and felt something “pop”. An immediate sensation of firey pain shot down from the middle of my waist to my ankle. I didn’t know it at the time, but the pain was going to escalate to an unbearable level over the next several months.

As luck would have it, one of my closest friends is a back surgeon here in Prescott. The next day I was laying flat on my back in an MRI machine.

The results came back and were not good.  The MRI revealed a massive herniation of my disc at  L5/S1, probably as a result of continuous collisions that I took during my college football days.

Attempting to avoid surgery, I tried chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture and cortisone shots. Not only were these modalities not working, the pain was getting worse with each passing day. As the weeks passed, I could no longer drive myself to work, and I was only getting a few restless hours of sleep each night.

Since I could no longer sit in the operator’s stool, I was forced to practice dentistry standing up and in a great deal of pain. The practices and my dental income took a big hit as I shortened my hours.

I called my insurance carrier and found out that my disability insurance wouldn’t kick in until I was working for less than twenty percent of my normal schedule for three consecutive months. My agent told me that I basically had to completely stop working for three months before the insurance company would pay a dime.

About the time all of this was happening, I had a new dental assistant school session starting.  I usually save the majority of the money that we generate from the school to fund my retirement accounts and the college funds for my kids, but in this case, we used the income from the school to pay for our monthly bills.

The day of surgery finally came after almost four months of non-stop pain. It was a comfort that one of my best friends was performing the surgery. I prepared myself for the possibility that my dental career might be over if the nerve damage was too severe and the surgery was unsuccessful.

The first sensation that I experienced when I awoke following surgery was complete lack of pain. I didn’t want to get too excited because there was still local anesthesia in the area that could have been masking the pain that I felt preoperatively.

As the affects of the anesthesia wore off the pain did not return. I returned to work just four days later.

The income and savings from my dental assisting school supported my entire family until I got back on my feet.

Of all of the trips, material items and extra money that my dental assisting school has allowed me to obtain, none have been more valuable than the peace of mind that my second stream of income provided me and my family during a true time of crisis.

Mark Costes, DDS

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Too good to be true ???

Hello Doc,

I get it… I honestly understand… I’ve been there.

I’ve literally spoken to hundreds of dentists all over the United States since I started selling my dental assisting school curriculum a few years ago. Many of them approach me with a bit of skepticism, some tell me straight up, “This just sounds too good to be true!”

So, let’s take all emotion out of this equation for a second and examine the facts.

  1. Dentists make more money on average than many other professions. However, although we are paid well for what we do, the income stops when we step away from the chair.
  2. Most other “side businesses” require a large investment of cash and time that most dentists do not have.
  3. Your current facility sits empty and generates zero additional income when the dental office is closed.
  4. The current economic situation in this country has resulted in more families requiring a primary or secondary source of income. Many of these families are seeking accelerated training in industries such as dentistry which typically offer good pay, favorable hours and benefits.
  5. Attendance in non-traditional adult education programs such as technical or trade schools has risen steadily over the past three years.
  6. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Dental Assisting is the third fastest growing occupation for which a college degree isn’t required, and the employment outlook for Dental Assisting is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2016.
  7. 100% recovery of the entire investment in this business takes recruitment of only four students.
  8. Dentists(you), dental hygienists, and dental assistants(your staff) are qualified to teach dental assistants.
  9. The plummeting values of retirement accounts and home values have left thousands of dentists practicing longer than they ever anticipated.

There you have it. No sales pitch, no emotional anecdotes, just the facts. This business is not too good to be true, it’s just good.

Mark Costes, DDS

P.S. Please contact us to answer any questions you may have regarding the curriculum, or set up a phone conference with me at your convenience.

Fwd:VIDEO Look Over My Shoulder

Hey Doc,

Just thought you’d like to look over my shoulder and see how we test our students. Prior to starting my own dental assistant school, I interviewed countless dental assisting school graduates for positions within my offices.

Time after time I was baffled at how little these graduates knew about dentistry and dental assisting. I remember interviewing a graduate from one of the national chains who had spent over a year of her life and over $15,000 at this “institute”. This poor girl did not know her teeth numbers, or the difference between a scaler and a high speed.

Well, in thirteen weeks, our graduates run circles around the graduates of these other programs. We utilize hands on practical approach and get the students practicing and getting comfortable with general dentistry procedures from day one.

Check out this video of me giving a practical exam to one of my students.

Just remember, this student had zero experience with dentistry ten weeks prior to this video being taken. She got a job before she even graduated from the class.

All the Best,

Mark Costes, DDS

P.S. Don’t forget to reach out to me on my personal email We can strategize on how to get your school up and running ASAP. Look forward to hearing from you!!