Too good to be true ???

Hello Doc,

I get it… I honestly understand… I’ve been there.

I’ve literally spoken to hundreds of dentists all over the United States since I started selling my dental assisting school curriculum a few years ago. Many of them approach me with a bit of skepticism, some tell me straight up, “This just sounds too good to be true!”

So, let’s take all emotion out of this equation for a second and examine the facts.

  1. Dentists make more money on average than many other professions. However, although we are paid well for what we do, the income stops when we step away from the chair.
  2. Most other “side businesses” require a large investment of cash and time that most dentists do not have.
  3. Your current facility sits empty and generates zero additional income when the dental office is closed.
  4. The current economic situation in this country has resulted in more families requiring a primary or secondary source of income. Many of these families are seeking accelerated training in industries such as dentistry which typically offer good pay, favorable hours and benefits.
  5. Attendance in non-traditional adult education programs such as technical or trade schools has risen steadily over the past three years.
  6. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Dental Assisting is the third fastest growing occupation for which a college degree isn’t required, and the employment outlook for Dental Assisting is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2016.
  7. 100% recovery of the entire investment in this business takes recruitment of only four students.
  8. Dentists(you), dental hygienists, and dental assistants(your staff) are qualified to teach dental assistants.
  9. The plummeting values of retirement accounts and home values have left thousands of dentists practicing longer than they ever anticipated.

There you have it. No sales pitch, no emotional anecdotes, just the facts. This business is not too good to be true, it’s just good.

Mark Costes, DDS

P.S. Please contact us to answer any questions you may have regarding the curriculum, or set up a phone conference with me at your convenience.