The $100K Formula

Hey Doc,

In all of the years that I’ve been offering the in-office dental assisting school opportunity to dentists, the most common question that I get is:

“Once I buy your system, how do I get students?”

The answer is simple and elegant but difficult if not impossible to explain in a just a few words…

What I can tell you is that it is a proven and predictable SYSTEM.

In order to fully appreciate the process, its first necessary to explain the difference between “Image Advertising” and “Direct Response Marketing”.

A company’s goal when using image advertising is to expose the consumer to their brand and name with enough repetition that the brand comes to mind when the product or service is needed.

The biggest drawback to using this approach is that it takes a Pepsi Cola sized budget to make it effective. This approach absolutely will not work for a small business and this is the reason why so many small business owners are literally throwing their money away on poorly designed marketing attempts.

Our schools use direct response marketing. Its goal is not to create some slick Madison Avenue image or some clever jingle or tag line. The purpose is to get a response.

There are 4 things that make direct response much different from image advertising:

1. It is Measureable- This is critically important in order to know exactly which ads are effective and making you money versus the ineffective ads that are costing you money without an acceptable return.  The savvy marketer will take this information and adjust accordingly.

2. It must have an Offer- This will give the prospects a specific offer that will compel them to leave their contact information in order to receive a free gift or the information that they desire.

3. It must have a Call to Action- This will give the prospect specific instructions on what to do next, in our case, enter their name, address, phone number and email address into our website form or call and leave their contact information on our toll free hotline.

4. It must be Benefit oriented- these types of ads focus on the benefits to the consumer, not the features of the product.


So, the first step in our marketing funnel is LEAD GENERATION. It’s important to remember that the purpose of lead generation isn’t necessarily to make a sale. What is more important is to get them to raise their hand and say,”YES, I MAY be interested dental assisting as a career and I MAY be interested in attending your school.”

Our lead generation methods include direct mail, print ads, radio, press releases, Google ads, and Facebook ads. These ads send the prospects to a toll free number and website which will capture all of their information. Once their information is captured they enter our automatic marketing process. All of these marketing pieces are done for you and need nothing more than to be customized with you school name and contact information.

After the prospect’s information is gathered, they are placed into an automated follow up sequence including emails, follow up letters and post cards.

The prospects are then delivered carefully crafted marketing messages that identify the pain of their current situation (having a dead end job or no job at all), agitate that pain (reminding them that their situation will not change unless they take action), and finally offering a solution to their problem (enrolling in your school to get the training they need to liberate themselves from their current situation.)

And that’s it. Not rocket science, but rather following up and giving them the whole story while overcoming all of their possible objections until they are finally ready to enroll.

I hope this gives you a better idea of the simplicity and effectiveness of our student attraction system.

All the Best,
Mark Costes, DDS

P.S. If you’d like to schedule a no obligation strategy call with me, simply email with your address and we will research whether your territory is still available. Or you can call Siony (pronounced Shawnee) 928-830-4557 to schedule a call.