Re: In Office Dental Assisting School

Dear Doctor,

I bet you’re wondering if owning and profiting from a Dental Assisting School is actually possible. Believe me, I know where you’re coming from. I have literally LOST over $100,000 investing in different “opportunities” including my famous “can’t lose” investment in a local car wash, real estate blunders and stock market mistakes. But with each mistake (no matter how costly) came a valuable lesson. The biggest lesson that I’ve learned is stick to what I know best.

I’ve been able to build up six hugely successful dental practices in six years. I’ve sold four of them for a huge profit. Now, as the owner and founder of the Horizon Schools of Dental Assisting, I have developed and refined a system to build and sustain consistent revenue without any extra “chair time”. I have sold these schools to dentists all over the United States.

Think about it, you CAN leverage the money you pay in rent or mortgage by running a hugely profitable second business out of your existing facility. You CAN get your best assistant or hygienist to do all the teaching. You CAN NET $26,568 or more every three months. Could you use an extra $20,000 plus every three months? C’mon doc, isn’t this worth a second look?

If you’ve read my free informational packet and still have questions about how to get started in this exciting new phase of your business, please contact me personally to set-up a free no obligation phone strategy session. This could be the most important call of your life!

All the Best,
Mark Costes, DDS

P.S. My personal email is . Email me and let me know when you’re available for your phone strategy session with me. I will get back to you immediately

P.P.S. We are also pleased to inform you that financing is now available with Sunset Financial Group, LLC. For particulars, contact Jeremy Roush at (310) 636-1133, ext. 102, direct line (424) 625-8202 or email: