Are You Tired of Trading Hours for Dollars?

“Introducing an …

Amazing Way Dentists can Turn Office Downtime into a
Whopping $75,000 to $150,000 a Year in Passive Income!”

Imagine seeing fewer patients, working less hours but earning more – a whole lot more! 

Yes it’s possible for you. Few Dentists know how but I’m going to show YOU how to do it. What you’re about to discover will totally change the way you think about making money as a Dentist – I guarantee it!

Dear Doctor,

You can make a good living in Dentistry. But the workload and lifestyle can burn you out. When you first started you may have been enthusiastic and full of energy. But as the years passed by, the enthusiasm and energy wanes.

After years of jumping from operatory to operatory doing your best to be cheerful and compassionate with every toothache patient, screaming kid and dental phobic that sits in the chair, it’s enough to make you wish for a year long vacation!

Managing staff is tough too. Some staff members constantly need their ego stroked while others do less than satisfactory work. And trying to keep your office full of patients creates enough stress to make your blood pressure slip into the danger zone.

You’re constantly fending off pushy sales people, dealing with laboratory re-dos and under-paying insurance companies. And chances are, you have a few patients you wish you could cut loose but can’t because you need the revenue they bring. You’ve probably noticed that your overhead costs keep creeping up too.

As a Dentist running an office it’s hard to find time for a DECENT VACATION. I know some Dentists who haven’t had a real vacation in years! But if you don’t trade hours of work for dollars then you can’t afford the mortgage payment and the car note.

After years of slogging it out, many Dentists find themselves coming home emotionally drained and exhausted. Once at home, they’re little use to the wife or husband and kids and that can cause serious problems at home.

It’s no wonder that dentists have one of the highest rates of divorce, suicide, alcohol/drug abuse and back problems. But this doesn’t have to be you! There’s got to be a better way! And there is!

You Could Have a Stack of Checks
Totaling $30,000 on Your Desk
4 Times a Year!

In fact, I can show you a way to get a stack of checks totaling $30,000.00 made out to YOU several times a year. And it’s truly easier than you might think.I’ve been doing this for 5 years, and up to 4 times a year! This has absolutely nothing to do with working longer hours, opening more offices, hiring more staff or buying the newest Dental Gadget.

Yes, you can actually earn up to $150,000 yearly in EXTRA INCOME in your Dental office without having to deal with a single screaming 5-year old.

But before I explain how a select group of Dentists and I make incredible sums of money like this, please allow me to properly introduce myself.

My name is Mark Costes and I’m a General Dentist and owner of two Dental practices in Northern Arizona. I’m a member of the Arizona Dental Association, the American Dental Association, founder of the charity, Dentists Making a Difference and adjunct faculty at Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health.

 How I Discovered a Way Dentists can
Make Passive Income From Their Office Downtime

 I started out as a young associate dentist with a new wife, new house, new cars, and a huge student loan payment. Naturally I was short on cash and started charging up my credit cards to pay the bills. At that time, I thought the only way to make more money was to see more patients, work more hours and do more dentistry.

I picked up Saturdays and worked late almost every night. The money started rolling in and the bills were getting paid, but before long, I realized that I was starting to burn out!

I also realized there was no way that I would be able to maintain this pace for thirty years and maintain the lifestyle my wife and I wanted. We had to find another way to generate cash. That’s when I started searching for a way to earn passive income.

Keep in mind that passive income is money derived from businesses or investments where you’re not actively working to earn it. It let’s you stop trading hours for dollars.

After 6 years of hard work, I was able to build 6 successful dental practices and then sold four of them for a very nice profit. I initially got into the multiple practice business because I thought that it would be the perfect way to achieve my goal of obtaining a passive income stream. To my surprise, the income from owning multiple Dental Offices is far from passive!

Staff issues, vendor problems, laboratory remakes and doctor turnover make owning one office a challenge let alone six! So I continued to search for that elusive opportunity.

I Took a $20,000 Beating!

I tried real estate investing but made little to no return on my investments. Next, I bought a carwash, which ended up being a disaster and going out of business within six months at a personal loss of over $20,000! I contacted fast food restaurants regarding franchising opportunities and discovered the initial investment would be $350,000 to $1,000,000+. They told me the average amount of time to break even was 7 to 10 years and the average profit after that was $50,000 to $85,000 per year. No thanks!

There had to be something better out there. My practice was doing great but I just didn’t want to keep breaking my back to bring the money in. Then everything changed one day.  It all started while I was thumbing through a dental journal when I ran across a 1″ classified ad that said “Start Your Own Dental Assisting School.”

That headline got me to think about the possibilities. So I called the number on the ad and left a message for a representative to call me back. I waited a couple of days and no reply. I called a second time, left another message and waited another three days, still no call. On the third try, I finally got in touch with the owner of the company.

Basically they were selling a Dental School curriculum and the information needed to obtain state accreditation for licensure of a teaching institution. I paid the fee and anxiously waited for their Dental Assisting School package to arrive.

When I Opened the Package I was Shocked!

 When the package arrived, I tore into it. Boy was I shocked!  No marketing materials, a very weak and disorganized curriculum and a website address with instructions on how to do my own research as to how to get licensed.

I flipped through the manual hoping to find something I might have overlooked but no luck. I called for “customer support” but got little direction. Their package was weak at best! Worse still they didn’t offer a money back guarantee so I was out thousands of dollars. I set their program aside and decided to start from scratch.

Even though their package wasn’t usable, the concept was. And if you can start a Dental Assisting School the right way, you can make some serious passive income without teaching a single class! So here’s what I did next.

I invested in textbooks and I started rewriting the entire curriculum. Next, I researched how to get a school accredited and how I could use my full time employees to teach the classes. At first I hit quite a few speed bumps and made lots of mistakes.

But  over a period of 5 years I polished the curriculum and format to perfection and I’ve ironed out all of the kinks. What I have now is a complete A to Z system that any Dentist who owns an office can follow.

After I Started My Dental Assisting School
I Have Been Living the Sweet Life!
You can too if You Let Me Teach You

How has my life changed now that I run a Dental Assisting School out of one of my offices? Well for one thing, I’ve made $75,000 to $110,000 each year. But more than that, it’s made a huge difference in making my lifestyle the best I could ever imagine!

I grew up loving the beach in California and always wanted a beachfront home. I knew this was where I wanted to live for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, Dental School brought me to Wisconsin and a great practice opportunity brought me to Arizona.

It had been seven years and the ocean was calling me back louder and louder every year. Building new practices made me cash tight and purchasing a vacation home back in San Diego seemed like an impossible dream.

That all changed after I opened my Dental Assisting school. At first I didn’t have much faith that the income would be more than a trickle, but after a few sessions, I was generating a huge side income! It was so exciting — I didn’t have to work longer and harder hours to make more money, in fact for the first time since Dental School I actually decreased my hours.

Less than one year after opening my Dental Assisting School we were able to buy a vacation home in San Diego, just minutes from the beach that we stay at several times a year! With the extra time that I’ve freed up and our new home on the coast, I’m able to spend time doing what I truly enjoy doing — spending time with my family at the beach and at Charger games! Why not give this a chance – you could have this lifestyle too!

Why This is Absolutely the
Perfect Passive Income Business for Dentists

The bottom line is, as the owner of 2 practices and multiple other businesses the Dental Assisting School is unquestionably the easiest and most lucrative business I’ve found with the lowest overhead. Most Dental Offices have an overhead of 50% to 75% but a Dental Assisting school has an overhead of less than 25%!

Best of all, you don’t have to teach or run it! That’s because with my tested and proven system you can have one of your Dental Hygienists or Dental Assistants handle all of it for you!  They’ll hold the classes for you 2 nights a week from 5 to 8 PM, on Saturdays for 6 hours, or you can hold night and Saturday classes simultaneously. This can potentially double your profits! You don’t have to be there! But there’s more.

Despite the economy, there’s always a demand for Dental Assistants. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Dental Assisting is the third fastest growing occupation for which a college degree isn’t required. And the employment outlook for Dental Assisting is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2016. In short, the demand for Dental Assistants is greater than the supply.

My personal experience over the past three years of running my Dental Assisting School has been that I almost always have a 3-month waiting list of students hoping to secure a spot in a class! So I have more potential students waiting to pay tuition to me than I can accept!

For tuition, I charge students anywhere from $2500 to $2700 and limit the classes to only 12 students. This means I easily have the potential to make $30,000 to $32,400 per school session. Each school session is 13 weeks long and you can hold up to 8 school sessions a year hence the earning potential of up to $259,200 a year.

Place a Few Ads,
Hand the Curriculum to Your Assistant
& Deposit the Checks – That’s all You do!

You simply place a few ads advertising the school (or have your assistant do it) give your Dental Hygienist or Assistant the curriculum to teach and deposit the checks. It truly is that easy with my system. This means you can actually reduce the number of hours you work in your practice yet still make as much money – if not more!

As the proud owner of a Dental Assisting School, you can finally have more time to enjoy nice, relaxing vacations and other interests you have.

Not only will it give you a better lifestyle, but your stress levels will go down, you’ll be more relaxed and odds are, your home life will improve too. You’ll finally be able to spend more time with the family and they’ll love you for it!

Or, if you like, you can continue to work the same hours and enjoy the added $75,000 to $150,000 in passive income. It’s icing on the cake! Imagine what you could do with all of that extra income! The possibilities are amazing! And think about this:

By increasing your income as the owner of a Dental Assisting School, you’ll be able to drop lousy insurance plans and see only the patients you want and only do the cases you want to do since you’ll no longer be held hostage by your daily production.

You’ll also have added clout in your town as an educator and be positioned to hand-pick the best Dental Assistants for your office. It’s a win/win scenario!

Why Aspiring Dental Assistants Would Rather
Enroll in Your School & Not the Others

In case you’re wondering why people would enroll at your Dental Assisting School rather than at other schools, here are several reasons why they’ll choose yours first:

National trade schools charge up to $15,000 in tuition fees. My school program charges only $2,700 at the most.

Other schools require up to a year of classes. My school program takes only 13 weeks to complete. Other schools have limited lab or hands on time. My program offers 78 hours of lecture and lab plus a 50-hour internship with a practicing Dentist. This means potential students get more chairside experience with my program. Many other schools hold classes during the day whereas you can offer classes at night and on weekends so it’s more convenient. I could go on but you get the point.

It just makes sense for potential students to choose your school over anyone else’s.

Our Curriculum Covers 22 Lectures:

  1. Introduction to the Profession of Dentistry
  2. Ethical & Legal Issues in Dentistry
  3. Human Dentition
  4. Composition & Formation of Teeth
  5. Tissues Surrounding the Teeth
  6. Bones of the Head
  7. Muscles of Mastication & The Temporomandibular Joint
  8. Paranasal Sinuses
  9. Oral Cavity & Salivary Glands
  10. Dental Radiography
  11. Dental Materials
  12. Pediatric Dentistry
  13. Removable Prosthodontics
  14. Fixed Prosthodontics
  15. Endodontics
  16. Topical & Local Anesthesia
  17. Orthodontics
  18. Periodontics
  19. Oral Surgery
  20. Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office
  21. Radiography in Depth
  22. Front Office Management/Resume Writing

Every point is covered! And everything is 100% turnkey. The students who enroll in this Dental Assisting School absolutely love it. To date I’ve had over 200 students and the results have been fantastic. Here’s what a couple of them and a Dentist say about the curriculum:

“I had a great time attending your Dental Assisting school. I found the instructors to be very knowledgeable and supportive. The curriculum prepared me well for Dental Assisting in the real world. I found employment immediately after graduation. Thank you so much for all of your help!” -Nicole Dodson

“I really enjoyed the classes and instructors in this program. I learned many things that I hadn’t anticipated. Your school enabled me to find employment at a practice much faster had I not enrolled. I turned my resume into local dentist offices, which included excellent recommendations from the doctors. Within the first week, I was scheduling interviews. I work full time now and I am very happy with my line of work. This program was worth my time, energy and tuition. I am very pleased with what you have done for my life! Thanks again.” -Edgar Vargas

“The assistants that I hired upon graduation from your school were some of the best I’ve ever worked with. I found your graduates knowledgeable, professional and clinically sound. Thank you for the valuable resource.” -Dr. Larry Kudryk, Periodontist

Perhaps you’re wondering if there are other franchises or courses teaching how to start a Dental Assisting School. There are very few to choose from but those available are less comprehensive with little emphasis on marketing.

The good news is I have already blazed the trail for you. You’ll have a far better curriculum and a state of the art marketing plan that’ll flood you with potential students.

My complete
Dental Assisting School
Business Opportunity Package Includes:

  • Volume I: Documents and Licensing
  • Volume II: 22 Lectures
  • Volume III Student’s Lecture Notes
  • Volume IV: Lab Sessions
  • Volume V: Test/Quizzes
  • Volume VI: A to Z Marketing Guide, which includes pre-made ads you can run.
  • Quick Start Audio Guide
  • Preliminary Quick Start Checklist
  • Clinical DVD’s

One of the tricks to making this program work so well is that I have been coached by the best marketing minds around. Men who charge over $1,000.00 per hour to dish out marketing techniques that work like magic. Perhaps you’ve heard of these men before.

Their names are Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer and Joe Polish among others. I put their advice to use in structuring your Dental Assisting School marketing plan. Remember earlier when I mentioned that I almost always have a 3-month waiting list of students hoping to enroll in my Dental Assisting School?

Their techniques are why I always have a waiting list of prospective students ready to hand me checks for $2,500 to $2,700. These techniques will work for you too no matter where you live. And I’ll let you try this entire program out without risking a single penny to prove it!

You Must Be 100%
Happy with the Results
— Or You Don’t Owe a Penny!

You might be surprised to know that your investment in my Dental Assisting School program won’t cost $40,000 though it would be worth every penny. I personally feel most franchises and business opportunities are vastly over-charging so I want ours to be completely reasonable.

Plus there are no other charges of any kind as found in most business opportunities. And here’s the best part. If you follow my step-by-step instructions, your very first school session could bring you a healthy profit of up to $10,000.00!

If you hold 4 sessions your first year, you could make a whopping $100,000!  The return on your investment is worth it. And you can make serious cash year after year both in good economic times and bad – it’s RECESSION-PROOF INCOME!


Yours FREE:

4 Half-Hour Consultations: Not only will you have a step-by-step plan in print to start your own Dental Assisting School, and ongoing staff support, but I decided to take it a step further. I’m giving you 4 half-hour consultations with either me or my assistant Darla Dodson who has 27 years of Dental Assistant and teaching experience. She knows my program as well as I do. We’ll be only a phone call away, ready to help you with your most pressing needs should any arise, plus we’ll give you advanced business insight to ramp up your business.


Now’s the Best Time to
Get in on This Turnkey Business Opportunity
that Could Make You $100,000 Richer Your First Year!


Dr. Mark Costes
Horizon Schools of Dental Assisting

P.S. Remember, you can prove this turnkey business opportunity is everything I say it is and more. You can recover your entire investment plus make a profit your first session! So there’s nothing to lose and a better lifestyle to gain.

P.P.S. Thousands of other Dentists are receiving this letter too. It’s just a matter of time till a Dentist in your area jumps on this opportunity before you. And once he or she does they’ll own that territory, that means you’ll have missed out on an incredibly easy way to make up to $150,000 on the side doing nothing more than running a few ads and cashing checks. Don’t let anyone beat you to the punch – call now to find out more.

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